IBERGRID Conference. Braga (Portugal). May 24 - 28, 2010


The Ibergrid Conference will be held at the B1 and B2 Auditoria of the CP2 building, at the Campus of Gualtar, Braga, of the University of Minho.

Universidade do Minho
Campus de Gualtar
4710-057 Braga
Tel: +351253604430
Fax: +351253604471
e-mail: info2010<at>ibergrid.eu
URL: http://www.uminho.pt

How to get into the Conference Place?

Departing from the center of Braga, from Hotel de Turismo or Hotel Carandá, it is possible to get in the conference place following one of the next alternatives.

On the next map you can find how to drive by car from the Hotel de Turismo into the Campus entrance.

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The following map shows how to drive by car from the Hotel Carandá into the Campus entrance.

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You can also get into the University Campus by city bus (TUB). You must catch bus line number 7 (63) at the Avenida da Liberdade (Rua 25 Abril) to the University. Bus lines 24, 40, 41, 42, 43 and 66 also takes you from the city center to the University.

Here you can find the plant of the Campus of Gualtar, showing the parking places, the conference building (CP2) and the restaurant.

Here you can find the map of the Campus, identifying the entrances and the conference building.

Here you can find the pedestrian and car accesses to the conference building.

How to get to Braga?

From Porto Airport:

The nearest airport to Braga is the Sá Carneiro International Airport (in Porto), around 50 Km away from the city.

By Taxi

Should you wish to take a taxi from the airport to Braga: the journey takes approximately 40 min and the fare is around 70 euro.

By Train

The Porto Airport also has a metro station connecting it to the city center. Use it to get to the station Campanhã, in about 30 minutes and by 1.40 euro.
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In Campanhã follow the signs to railway station and get the train to Braga, in about 1 hour and by 2.15 euro.

Once at Braga railway station, use a taxi or a bus to get to the hotel.

By Bus

Bus lines number 601 and 602 takes you from the airport to Porto center.
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You can also take the Aerobus, an express bus that will take you directly from the airport to Porto center (every 30 minutes), without unnecessary stops. This bus is available Monday to Friday from 9am until 7pm.

From the center of Porto you may take a bus to Braga at Rua Alfredo Magalhães, where the Bus Station to Braga is located. The respective departure times (Monday to Friday) are:

16h00 (a)
08h00 (a)
16h30 (b)
10h00 (c)
18h00 (a)
18h15 (b)
12h00 (c)
20h00 (a)
21h00 (b)
14h00 (a)

(a) This bus also runs on Saturdays;
(b) This bus only runs on Sundays;
(c) This bus also runs on Saturdays and Sundays.

From Porto and South by Car:

If coming from south by car, use the motorway A3 (Porto-Valença), exit at Braga Sul/Celeirós and then follow the direction Braga Sul twice.

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From Vigo by Air:

The Vigo Airport in Spain is about 100km from Braga. The train station is about 13km from the airport. From there you can go to Braga by train (about 2 hours, +/-10min.).

From Vigo and North by Car:

If coming from north by car, take the motorway A3 (Valença-Porto), exit at Braga Oeste/Barcelos/Guimarães, follow the direction Braga/Guimarães and later Braga Norte.

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