IBERGRID Conference. Braga (Portugal). May 24 - 28, 2010

"Bridging the gap between European e-Science and Iberian America" is the main goal of this 1-week event: an International Conference with several parallel Thematic Sessions (24th-27th May), the HPC Workshop "2ª Jornadas de Supercomputação" (27th May afternoon), and an optional 1-day Hands-on Tutorial (28th May), for researchers in computational science and engineering.
Come to Braga and enjoy your stay!


15. Slides of Workshop on HPC (07-Feb-11)

Slides of workshop are online.

14. Slides and Videos of Conference communications (02-Feb-11)

Slides and videos of the Conference are online.

13. Photos from the event (26-May-10)

12. Follow the Conference online from your laptop... (24-May-10)

11. Final Agenda online (22-May-10)

The final Conference Agenda in now online.

10. Exhibition, Posters and Venue (10-May-10)

Info about Exhibition and Posters and Conference Venue is already online.

9. Preliminary Program (03-May-10)

The Preliminary Program is already online.

8. Extension of Deadline for Early-Bird Registration (28-Apr-10)

Deadline was this Friday, 30th April.
The organization decided to extend it over the weekend, until *3rd May*.

7. Tutorial Agenda (14-Apr-10)

A Tutorial Agenda is online.

6. Preliminary Agenda (12-Apr-10)

Notification of accepted papers was sent today to authors. Do remind that the hard deadline for camera-ready re-submissions is Sunday, 18th April.
A preliminary agenda is also online.

5. Registration form (30-Mar-10)

The registration form is alredy online, and includes accommodation and optional tours.

4. News with the 2nd CFP (17-Mar-10)

The deadline for paper submission has been extended to March 21!
Use the same form to submit both papers and posters.
Reminder: there is an AWARD for the best paper presented by a student!
The names of the members of the International Scientific Committee are already on the website.

3. Extension of Submission Deadlines (02-Mar-10)

To satisfy the requests from several colleagues, the organization decided to extend the paper submission deadline until 18th March, 2010.

2. Parallel Thematic Sessions (01-Mar-10)

Each morning and afternoon will be dedicated to a specific theme, which opens with a plenary talk given by a keynote speaker, followed by parallel presentations of scientific communications.

Participants are invited to submit specific papers for these sessions:

  • "EGI / EGEE / NGI" (European and National Grid Initiatives).
  • "Grid Computing in Latin America".
  • "HPC / PRACE" (European Initiatives to Promote HPC).
  • "e-Science in Nanotechnology" (Computational Nanotechnology).
  • "e-Science in High Energy Physics" (stressing CERN cooperation).

1. 1-Day Tutorial (01-Mar-10)

We can already confirm a hands-on tutorial on techniques to access grid resources through Ibergrid (with EGEE middleware), including a typical HPC cluster (in Lisbon), a Superdome SMP (FinisTerrae at CESGA, Galicia) and the largest remote visualization system in the world, the Longhorn GPU cluster (at TACC, Texas). Registration costs at the conference include this Tutorial.

General Information:

IBERGRID'2010 is the 4th edition of a series of Iberian Grid Infrastructure Conferences started in 2007 under the framework of the bilateral agreement for Science and Technology signed in November 2005 between Portugal and Spain. IBERGRID'2010 starts in Braga on Monday 24th May 2010. Previous events took place in Santiago de Compostela (IBERGRID'2007), in Porto (IBERGRID'2008), and in Valencia (IBERGRID'2009). IBERGRID aims to leverage the construction of a common Iberian Grid Infrastructure and to foster cooperation in the fields of grid computing and supercomputing. The organization of the IBERGRID event in 2010 is led by the Universidade do Minho (UMinho) in cooperation with Universidade do Porto and CESGA (Santiago de Compostela). A 2nd edition of an HPC Workshop is planned for Thursday 27th May, and Friday 28th May is reserved for training and hands-on activities.

The main goal of the IBERGRID'2010 conference is to constitute a forum where the advances in the development of grid infrastructures, technologies and applications are discussed by the main players in the Iberian and Latin American countries.

Grids are crucial for addressing many of the most challenging problems in science and engineering and are increasingly important in business, healthcare, environment and other applications. The 4th IBERGRID conference is an excellent opportunity to gather an enlarged community of academics, researchers, students, industry experts and practitioners in all branches of knowledge, sharing a common need: powerful computing, visualization and/or storage resources. This community will benefit from the construction and consolidation of a common Iberian Grid Infrastructure as it will provide easy and secure access to a larger and more powerful set of distributed resources.

This year’s conference lemma is "Bridging the gap between European e-Science and Iberian America" aiming the promotion and consolidation of applied research in the frame of the European and Latin America e-Science arena.

You will also have the opportunity to present demos, to attend courses and to watch live experiments on the IBERGRID infrastructure.

Questions about the conference should be directed to the conference organizers at "info2010<at>ibergrid.eu".